Dany Joshua
Salsa Dancer, Salsa Instructor, Salsa DJ, Salsa Performer, Salsa Socials Host, Salsa Web-developer, Salsa Writer


Dany Joshua is a dynamic and down-to-earth Salsa dancer who promotes this beautiful art form through his focus on the Scarlet Mambo concept. Scarlet Mambo’s mission is to promote Salsa in the Central New Jersey area through social dancing, dance classes, performances, choreographies, Salsa events and Salsa friendships.

Individually, Dany aims to give each dance partner the most enjoyable time that he can, irrespective of her experience level. Salsa dancing is a social activity and, therefore, its ethos rests on the satisfaction of all participants. Similarly, Salsa is a social animal that thrives under the idea that one cannot have enough Salsa friends. Therefore, Dany believes in building and fortifying Salsa relationships and partnerships with colleagues, dancers and enthusiasts.

Salsa dancing has been a journey for Dany since 1998, when he began Salsa dancing at the Rutgers University Recreation Dance program (for which he is now an instructor). Over the years, Dany has trained with numerous (too many to count) Salsa instructors in New York City and New Jersey.

Rutgers Knights - Scarlet Mambo


Dany is a Salsa dance instructor at Rutgers University. Each semester, he is responsible for teaching Salsa dancing to hundreds of participants in about a dozen dance courses. Additionally, since 2003, Dany has been an instructor for the Rutgers University Salsa Club.

Under the concept of Scarlet Mambo, Dany teaches independent Salsa courses in the New Brunswick area in New Jersey where he draws many enthusiasts each month.

Dany has taken lessons with many dance instructors over the years, and so he has borrowed the pedagogical techniques that worked best for his learning. In terms of technique, his teaching approach emphasizes the breakdown of the most complicated moves into the basic concepts of Salsa. His classes are relaxed, easy-going, full of humor and wit, yet they retain the principal goal of explaining the material.

Dany is available for Private Lessons and Private Performances. Please contact Dany for more details.

An updated class schedule is always available.

Camila Sanchez
Dance Instructor & Performer

Camila Sanchez is a charismatic dancer that expresses natural passion for Salsa/Mambo dancing. She has studied Salsa on 2/Mambo with some of the best Instructors in the industry and has over 9 years of combined experience in teaching, choreographing, and performing.

Currently, she is a Salsa Dance instructor at the Scarlet Mambo Latin Dance Studio Located in Highland Park, New Jersey. She is also the resident Salsa Instructor every Thursday at PERLÉ Nightclub in New Brunswick, New Jersey.