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Thank you for a Great Salsa Birthday

Posted on October 30th, 2008 by by Dany J

I want to thank everyone that made this birthday special. The list goes on and on. My mom, Tania, Andrea, Camila, Lyne, Gina, Leon, Tommy Torres, Lisa, Veronica, Jimi, Lenny, Antonio La Conga, Yana, Don, Henri, Neil, Carla, Edita, Natasha, Angie AND TRICIA!!!… and the list goes on and on. Thank you for dinner, for the drinks, for the birthday dance, for your cards and presents, for the cake… and for being there! See you tonight!

Scarlet Salsa Thursday – Dany Joshua’s Birthday Photo Album @ 360 Photos courtesy of Tommy Torres. This photo album is also on facebook. You can tag yourself if you see a photo of you.

New York International Salsa Congress Review

Posted on October 27th, 2008 by by Dany J

Let’s talk about what makes the 2008 NY Salsa Congress different from previous years. The director of the congress, John “Choco” Knight, has truly developed the 2008 NY Salsa Congress into a well-marketed all-week event. The schedule is so full of back-to-back attractions – workshops, afternoon socials, afternoon shows, and night shows, night socials – that it is difficult to find free time to rest, eat or sleep during the congress. Before the congress even started, there was plenty of dancing at pre-parties during the week all over New York City.

It has hard to estimate the number of people that participated in each evening social. I do not think that anyone kept track. Suffice it to say that it was crowded! I could have danced every song if I wanted to. Let’s assume that I danced about 100 songs during the whole congress (6 songs per hour x 4 hours x 4 nights = 96 songs). Out of those dance partners, I can only remember one girl saying that she didn’t want to dance. Those are good odds! The point is that everyone wanted to dance, and there was a lot of everyone.

Our favorite professional dancers/instructors were easy to spot also. They were usually found in the middle of a circle of observers.

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Saturday and Sunday night performances were amazingly spectacular, so many to list. Two acts that stood out from the rest were Jayson Molina’s kids group and Maykel Fonts solo performance.

Every year, Jayson Molina showcases a mega routine composed of very young Salsa dancers. The most charismatic kid (the one with spiky hair) in that performance looked no older than 6 years old!

The Cha Cha performance of Cuban-born dancer Maykel Read the rest of this entry »

Scarlet Salsa Social, Sunday October 26th 2008

Posted on October 12th, 2008 by by Dany J

Confirm “Yes, Attending” on this Scarlet Salsa Social Facebook Event”.

*** Also, Celebrating DANY’S BIRTHDAY! ***

Sunday, October 26th, 2008.

Please note NEW location:
5 Patterson St, 2nd FLOOR
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

(Corner of Neilson Street,
2 corners away from old Nova Terra)

Come to learn and to practice Salsa at the Sunday Scarlet Salsa Social (SSSS). The August and September socials were very fun. Tell your friends, both, novice and seasoned dancers, that the SSSS are for serious Salsa dancing.

$22 for Workshops AND Social – $12 for Social only


5-6 pm – by CHRISTY KAM: Styling for Ladies
(Henri Velandia and Christy Kam perform at the Scarlet Salsa Social in September 2008)

Christy Kam won 2nd place at the Philadelphia Salsa Congress, and she will competing at the ESPN World Salsa Championships in December.

6-7 pm – by JOEL DOMINGUEZ: Flashy Turn Patterns from NYC
(Joel Dominguez and Yesenia Peralta performing with Yolanda Rivera ( Sonora Poncena ) El Dia Mundial de la Salsa in New Jersey 2008)

Joel Dominguez is a seasoned Salsa instructor and performer now residing in New York City

Performance by Tumi Mambo’s Jesse and Jacky (J&J).
Tumi Mambo

7-10pm – Social (come to practice your moves)
Live DJ Dany J +Guest DJ’s
Classic Salsa and Cha Cha

Confirm “Yes, Attending” on this Scarlet Salsa Social Facebook Event”.