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Griselle Ponce & Jersey’s Finest @ PERLE w/ DJ Dany J

Posted on March 14th, 2010 by by Dany J

Jersey’s Finest Dance Company, led by Griselle Ponce, was on fire last Thursday night in New Brunswick, New Jersey. PERLE Nightclub was shaken to its core as soon as this pro dance team began its new routine. Here is the video of the highlight of the night. Many thanks to Tricia Dougherty for her video contribution.

Griselle Ponce & Jersey’s Finest Dance Co
@ PERLE Nighclub. March 11th 2010

Oscar D’Leon records a catchy jingle for Twitter

Posted on December 16th, 2009 by by Dany J

Oscar D’Leon releases a catchy video about Twitter. “Sigueme”. Coincidentally, I found out through my friend Joel, who is quickly becoming a Twitter guru. Here is the video:

Oscar D’Leon sings “Sigueme”, a video/song about Twitter.

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The DJSC – Episode 5 – What’s in the Bag

Posted on November 20th, 2009 by by Dany J

In episode 5 of the Dany Joshua Salsa Cast, Dany answers probably the most F.A.Q. (frequently asked question): What is inside Dany’s bag? Click play to see the answer.

The Dany Joshua Salsa Cast – Episode 2

Posted on November 14th, 2009 by by Dany J

Episode 2 of the Dany Joshua Salsa Cast is a video! Two formats for the Dany Joshua Salsa Cast, Audio and video! Episode 1 is in audio format like a radio show. Episode 2 is in video format like mini TV segment. Later on, I will explain the reasons of this new project. For now, keep watching the videos, and please send me your feed back. Leave comments, send me emails, text me, whatever. I want to know your thoughts.

El Show De Ruben Blades

Posted on November 10th, 2009 by by Dany J

Did you know that Ruben Blades is going to re-record a lot of his Fania material? If you would like to find out interesting things like this, follow me on Twitter or friend me on facebook. or

I would like to share with you a show that I have been following for the last few months, “El Show de Ruben Blades”. Ruben Blades is a Salsa artist that I would like to meet, and after watching 27 shows, I feel that I almost know him. Here are some quotes that I liked and a link the show.

“Rock is young music, it is youth oriented. It just speaks for a generation.” – Ruben Blades.

Ruben Blades explica, “Quiero ese disco, el disco con Cheo, que tengo que terminar y ya lo voy a terminar lo mas pronto possible. Estoy regrabando todas mis cosas. Ya Walter Flores termino. Y ahora tengo que ponerle la voz a todos los discos que hize con el periodo de la Fania y toda es question, lo estoy regrabando todo para que cuando yo me muera pueda dejarle todo eso a mi familia porque los discos no son ni mios. Los discos son de la compan~ia, no mios. Este es el unico negocio del mundo donde la compan~ia de discos te de la plata para que hagas el disco, y te la cobra de tus regalias y no te dan un centavo hasta que la compan~ia de discos no recobre lo que invirtio. Y despues que lo recobra, tadavia el disco es de ellos. Es como si tu tuvieras una casa y a usted le da un prestamo el banco. Y usted paga y paga y paga, y cuando termine de pagar la casa, la casa todavia es del banco. So, que es eso hombre! Eso que es! Eso no se accepta en ningun lugar. Asi explotan a los musicos!”

El Show de Ruben Blades

El Show de Ruben Blades